Zeitform Person Wortform
simple present I, you, they insinuate
he, she, it insinuates
simple past   insinuated
present participle   insinuating
past participle   insinuated


in·sin·u·ate, Partizip Perfekt: in·sin·u·at·ed, Partizip Präsens: in·sin·u·at·ing


IPA: [ɪnˈsɪnjʊeɪt], Partizip Perfekt: [ɪnˈsɪnjʊeɪtɪd], Partizip Präsens: [ɪnˈsɪnjʊeɪtɪŋ]
Hörbeispiele:   insinuate (australisch) (Info)   insinuate (US-amerikanisch) (Info), Partizip Perfekt: —, Partizip Präsens:


[1] transitiv: insinuieren,, hineinbringen, zuflüstern, vorspiegeln, merken lassen


[1] hint, infuse, instil, intimate, introduce, suggest


[1] "Do you mean to insinuate that I hadn't that idea, or that I was deterred by the expense?"[1]
Wollen Sie damit andeuten, dass ich nicht diese Idee hatte, oder, dass ich von den Kosten abgeschreckt wurde?
[1] "It was also by flattering the First Consul on the question of the East that Davoust, on his return from Egypt in 1800 in consequence of the Convention of El-Ariah, insinuated himself into Bonaparte's good graces and, if he did not deserve, obtained his favour."[2]


insinuating, insinuation, insinuative, insinuator


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