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Zeitform Person Wortform
simple present I, you, they authenticate
he, she, it authenticates
simple past   authenticated
present participle   authenticating
past participle   authenticated




IPA: [ɔːˈθɛntɪkeɪt]
Hörbeispiele:   authenticate (britisch) (Info)


[1] transitiv: authentifizieren, beglaubigen, bestätigen, bescheinigen


seit dem 17. Jahrhundert bezeugt; zugrunde liegt der Stamm des Partizips Perfekt authenticatus des mittellateinischen Verbs authenticare → la[1][2]


[1] certify


[1] "One of the experts who authenticated the statue, John M. Russell, a professor at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, said it was not only archaeologically significant but also striking because the king’s muscular arms were sculptured in a lively, naturalistic style. Earlier sculptural styles were cruder, he said."[3]
[1] "Fans eager to watch the games streamed live — but who choose not to authenticate their cable, satellite or telephone company accounts on one of Turner’s three Web sites — will have to pay the fee."[4]

Charakteristische Wortkombinationen:

[1] to authenticate a document, to authenticate a signature


authentication, authenticator, authenticatable

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