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the spirit

the spirits

[5] a bottle of white spirit


spir·it, Plural: spir·its


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Hörbeispiele:   spirit (US-amerikanisch) (Info), Plural:   spirits (US-amerikanisch) (Info)


[1] der Geist
[2] die Einstellung, die Stimmung
[3] der Elan, der Schwung
[4] Plural: die Stimmung, die Laune
[5] Chemie: der Spiritus
[6] Plural: die Spirituose


[5] white spirit


[2] "It was with this accommodating spirit towards Alexius, which, for many different and complicated reasons, had now animated most of the crusaders, that the chiefs consented to a measure which, in other circumstances, they would probably have refused, as undue to the Greeks, and dishonourable to themselves. " [1]
[3] "'But why is she unprotected?' said Mr. Meredith, with spirit;'if she is innocent she…'"[2]
[6] "The various 'ardent spirits' are obtained by distillation from fermented liquids, and their odour and flavour depend on the nature and source of the fluid from which they are distilled."[3]


alcohol spirit lamp


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