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Zeitform Person Wortform
simple present I, you, they barricade
he, she, it barricades
simple past   barricaded
present participle   barricading
past participle   barricaded
[1] The street is being barricated.


bar·ri·cade, Partizip Perfekt: bar·ri·cad·ed, Partizip Präsens: bar·ri·cad·ing


IPA: [bærɪˈkeɪd]
Hörbeispiele:   barricade (US-amerikanisch) (Info)


[1] eine Straße / einen Durchgang blockieren, mit einer Barrikade versperren


[1] block


[1] "In many Sections the drums beat to arms; the Section of the Theatre Francais had advanced posts even as far as the Pont Neuf, which it had barricaded."[1]
[1] "In his corner of the first-class compartment filled with City men the smothered sobbing still haunted him, so he opened the Times with the rich crackle that drowns all lesser sounds, and, barricaded behind it, set himself steadily to con the news."[2]


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